The year 2020 was certainly a year of adjusting our gears.

Now as we head into 2021, we will still be adjusting our gears

Truthfully, adjusting gears is a normal part of everyday life.

We age every year and face different physical, mental, and emotional adjusting.

We have adjusting to do if we start dating, get married, adopt a pet, birth, or adopt a child, lose a loved one to death, and a myriad of other relationship activities with friends and blood relatives.

Then there is adjusting to a new home whether upsizing or downsizing.

Changing jobs or a career involves adjusting too.

What about adjusting one’s spiritual understanding?

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Holy Spirit

It was Christmas day.

I do not recall my exact age but guesstimate I was in upper grade school.

The rest of the family had dispersed leaving me by myself.

I was sitting in the living room surrounded by the gifts I had received from my family.

Everything I had asked for had been received.

Yet, I was disillusioned.

My mother happened to come down the hallway that led to the living room and noticed me.

She quietly sat down beside me and asked why I seemed disappointed.

I do not recall my exact response to her at the time.

But I have never forgotten that feeling.

The feeling of getting everything I asked for yet sensing an emptiness.

Have you ever experienced a sense of emptiness after receiving something you wanted or even needed?

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What does it take for you to be convinced?

Are you someone who needs to do extensive research on your own before you will accept something as true?

Or are you convinced because of who you initially heard something from?

One time in a discussion group a fellow student of mine exclaimed in a frustrating tone that he was struggling with the varied readings we had been assigned. He felt both authors gave compelling arguments from the opposite point of view. He had felt convinced by each author until he read the next one.  

I noticed our professor, who was sitting in on the discussion, exhibited a quick little smirk with a twinkle in his eye before responding calmly, “Have you compared both author’s point of views with what scripture actually says on the topic?”

  • Have you ever been in that situation?
  • Uncertain of what you should be convinced about?
  • What is the most important thing to be convinced of according to scripture?
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A definition of plenty is an adequate or more than adequate number or amount of something: a number or amount of something that is enough for a particular purpose.

  • Given the picture above, how much food is plenty enough for you to be satisfied?
  • Does your sense of “plenty” vary?
  • Maybe your sense of “plenty” depends on what food is in the chafing dishes above?
  • What type of banquet are you imagining that you would love to have plenty enough for you to feel satisfied?
  • What is the ultimate purpose behind having plenty?
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One definition of the word promise is a legally binding declaration that gives the person to whom it is made a right to expect or to claim the performance or forbearance of a specified act.

The picture above shows a common childhood type of promise known as the pinky swear.

  • How many of your childhood promises have you kept?
  • How about as an adult?
  • When is the last time you made a promise?
  • Did you keep that promise?
  • When is the last time someone made a promise to you?
  • Have they kept that promise?
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Does rain bring you joy?

The boy in the picture above is clearly full of joy thanks to the rain falling around him.

He gets to splash around in the puddles and watch the droplets explode up and fall back down again.

He also gets to hear the rain pitter patting against his umbrella and everything around him.

Do you remember playing in the rain as a kid?

What other reasons can you think of that might spark the joy of rain in our hearts?

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Have you ever experienced gardening excitement?

Seeing the seedlings sprout that you planted into rich garden soil can certainly bring an experience of gardening excitement.

Growing up my father and grandmother were avid vegetable gardeners. They taught me to appreciate the taste of a homegrown tomato, sugar snap peas, and many other vegetables.

Seeing a seed spring to life from the soil always yields gardening excitement in my heart!

As I watch squirrels and birds pillage a bird feeder or nibble on other greens in the yard, I know they too experience a level of gardening excitement because they can eat and be satisfied.

Can you imagine the gardening excitement that would ensue in those wild animals immediately following a severe famine and drought?


Be Glad and Rejoice


What do you see in the picture above that prompts you to be glad and rejoice?

Perhaps the amazing beauty of a picture taken from a satellite prompts you to be glad and rejoice?

Does thinking about all the varied people, animals, and vegetation across the globe stir you to be glad and rejoice?

Maybe the fact that it is the beauty of a night view that influences you to be glad and rejoice?

Or does the sheer mass of land alone move you to be glad and rejoice?

Can land itself be glad and rejoice?

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How do you define greatness?

What do you see in the picture above that you would describe as great?

How would you feel if you were the people in the boat?

Do you think the people in the boat are aware of what is in the water beneath them?

What would happen if the animal surfaced at that exact moment?

Something great!

But not in a positive sense.

How aware are you of what greatness is going on beneath the waters in your daily life?

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