How Do You Practice Hospitality?


My husband arranged for us to stay in a bed-and-breakfast called Max Paul for our first anniversary.

Each room had a distinct theme. Ours was based on an English Garden.

In the morning, upon hearing a gentle knock on the door of our room, we found a bountiful tray of breakfast delights and a pot of tea ready for us to enjoy. The host who had delivered it had disappeared before we opened the door.

On another occasion, we enjoyed a “bed and beach” stay in Oregon. The place had a tiny one-bedroom cottage with a deck, access to a large game room, a hot tub, and private beach access. There were pastries, tea, and other food items available as well for us to enjoy. The owner, like Max Paul’s bed-and-breakfast, greeted us on the night we arrived but otherwise left us alone.

Both locations were great for our introverted natures to enjoy solitude and rest together.

Sadly, neither of these places exists for public rental today. They tore Max Paul down to make room for an expanded highway. The “bed and beach” is no longer found in web searches for reasons unknown.

But there are many more options for vacation rentals from Airbnb and Vrbo to boutique hotels and large chains we can take advantage of for this purpose today.

These experiences are one type of hospitality. But are they the type of hospitality in 1 Peter 4:9?

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What Type of Legacy Are You Preparing?


A few months ago, I traveled to Kansas for a few days to help my parents downsize for the second time. 

This move entailed more compromises than the previous one for them.

One aspect involved me and other family members agreeing to receive some of their furniture and other personal items that they could no longer use.

My sister, who lives nearby, agreed to store my items until a later time.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, my brother-in-law delivered some of these items to my home.

The emotional impact of these items entering my home included excitement, awe, thankfulness, and even sadness, to name a few.

Some of you have been through this with your parents. Perhaps multiple times.

Or maybe you are downsizing and passing belongings on to your children, other relatives, friends, or other entities.

What does Genesis 25:5-6 teach us about preparing a legacy for others?

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How Quickly Do You Comply?


I am a terrible tennis player.

But I love watching professional tennis grand slams.

This weekend, the Wimbledon 2022 tournament ended.

Wimbledon, as the birthplace of tennis, holds a special mystique to tennis players and fans alike.

Players are subject to specific rules of dress and conduct at Wimbledon, not present at other grand slams.

Failing to comply with the specific rules of dress and conduct results in significant fines for the players.

Some players exhibit “don’t care” attitudes about the special rules.

Most players comply with respect.

What does this have to do with Genesis 24:66-77?

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How do you spend your evenings?

evening meditation

Your answer to the question above may depend on your stage of life. 

Those with young children will certainly have a different “routine” to their evening than someone who is an empty nester, for example.

  • What words below best describe how you spend your evenings?








  • Do you have a consistent routine you try to follow in the evening, or do you prefer no routine?
  • What can we learn from a description of Isaac’s evening in Genesis 24:62-63 that will help us with our own evening routines?
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Are You Struggling Today?

look to the hills

I live near the blue ridge mountains.

Frequently, I enjoy a glimpse of the mountain range as I commute to work.

This glimpse always brings a smile to my face.

Yet there are days when rain, fog, or darkness hide their presence from view.

Our emotional states mirror this experience with highs and lows. 

Everyone has good and tough days.

Some days are harder than others.

  • Where do you turn for help when you are struggling?

Join me in looking at Psalm 121 for some encouragement.

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signs from God

I recently attended the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference in Black Mountain, NC.

My goal in attending this conference was to learn more about the craft of writing and gain constructive criticism on my writing and an upcoming speaking engagement on June 15th for Pendleton St Baptist Church in Greenville, SC.

Before the conference, I elected to take advantage of some paid critiques that helped to prepare and guide me regarding which sessions to attend and which presenters I should try to meet. One of the paid critiques encouraged me to pitch a project we had discussed.

But I did not feel ready to pitch.

Yet, I repeatedly received encouragement from those I met at the conference to talk to publishers or agents about my writing project.

I then prayed to the Lord that if this was a sign from Him, He would help me overcome my fear of pitching my idea.

How does Gen 24:14 support seeking signs from God?

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Who Helped You Choose Your Spouse?


I met my spouse through a college roommate in the spring semester of my sophomore year.

We got engaged in the spring of my junior year and married in August, just before my senior year.

During our pre-marital counseling, there were a couple of weeks that we both wondered if we should follow through with the wedding.

Thirty-some years later, we are still married.

Our process of getting married differs from how Isaac, in the book of Genesis, acquired a spouse.

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When looking for a picture for today’s post, I searched with the word obedience. 

Dogs, dogs, and more dogs were the main photos that appeared. 

The one above is showing a shepherd dog breed doing weave poles on an agility course. 

  • What is it about dogs that make us link them so closely with the word obedience? 

As a norm, dogs that are properly raised desire to please their humans. 

My husband did agility training with Molly, one of our previous dogs. 

Molly loved the rewards of food treats while learning the various parts of an agility course. 

When Molly was not actively training on the course, we had to keep her leashed because she would search the entire field for any stray treats that other dogs may have missed. 

Molly also loved the time she spent being active with my husband while training. 

It was a special bonding time for their relationship. 

  • How does this relate to Bible Study? 

Parental Impact On Our Character

fudge pops

Do your parents or caretakers share stories about you as a child that you do not personally remember?

My grandmother did this exact thing with me.

Every year she would sign my birthday card with, “May today not be a ‘plain ole day’ for you!”

At family gatherings, the story behind the “plain ole day” reference was often laughed over.

Grandma was caring for me and my siblings while our parents were traveling.

I was supposed to eat a Twinkie early in the day.

But Grandma couldn’t find where mom had stored the Twinkie.

No Twinkie for Barbara Lynn.

Later in the afternoon, the milk delivery truck arrived.

I asked Grandma if we could get some frozen fudge pops.

Grandma said no.

No frozen fudge pops for Barbara Lynn.

I stomped away from her muttering, “well this sure is a plain ole day.”

How does this relate to Bible Study?

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