What does ownership mean?

Ownership is the state, relation, or fact of being an owner.

To have ownership means you have or hold a property or that you have power or mastery over something.

What do you have ownership over?

Most of us will immediately think about physical possessions such as a house, car, or maybe even fine jewelry or valuable furnishings.

Perhaps you have ownership of a business or intellectual property that you have a registered for a copyright or trademark.

How would you react if someone took what you own without your permission?

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Have you experienced temptations?

The Nibble Kettle in the picture above was a great temptation to me as a child.

Truthfully, it still is if it has my mother’s homemade Chex party mix in it!

Even today when I get the opportunity to visit my parents, I always check to see if the Nibble Kettle has Chex party mix in it,

The temptation was so strong as a child that I would sneak out to the fireplace where it was kept once my parents thought I had already gone to bed and steal pretzels from the mix.

As an adult I now favor the cashews and the wheat Chex but still enjoy the pretzels.

What does any of this have to do with our weekly study in Joel?

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In the picture above which words describe a positive judgment?

Which words describe a negative judgment?

When you read or hear the word judgment what is your immediate emotional response to the word?

When have you used good judgment?

When have you used poor judgment?

When have you exercised judgment about another person?

How do you make a judgment about a person or an event?

What resources do you rely on to aid your judgment?

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Most consider fortune to be materialistic wealth in some form or fashion.

  • What do you consider a fortune?
  • If you consider yourself as having a fortune, how did you obtain it?
  • Was your fortune inherited or did you build it on your own?
  • Have you ever lost a fortune?
  • Does this talk of material wealth make you uncomfortable or excited?
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Looking up the word “call” in the Merriam-Webster dictionary indicates the word may be used as a verb or a noun.

Within these categories for use the examples for “call” are extensive:

  • Call for help
  • Call for an investigation
  • Call of an animal
  • Call by telephone
  • Call to show hand in a card game
  • Call a square dance
  • Call to pay respects
  • Call out a number
  • Call the roll
  • Call a sport
  • Call to testify
  • Call to mind
  • Call to duty
  • Call a meeting
  • Call to wake up
  • Call for an offense
  • Call off
  • Call a spade a spade
  • Call for
  • Call it quits
  • Call names
  • And so on…😊

We will examine closely today two more examples not included above:

the transitive verb: “call on: defined as:1 : to call upon Is there anyone you can call on in an emergency?; and the noun form defined as :: a divine vocation or strong inner prompting to a particular course of action often referring to as being called or a calling.

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The year 2020 was certainly a year of adjusting our gears.

Now as we head into 2021, we will still be adjusting our gears

Truthfully, adjusting gears is a normal part of everyday life.

We age every year and face different physical, mental, and emotional adjusting.

We have adjusting to do if we start dating, get married, adopt a pet, birth, or adopt a child, lose a loved one to death, and a myriad of other relationship activities with friends and blood relatives.

Then there is adjusting to a new home whether upsizing or downsizing.

Changing jobs or a career involves adjusting too.

What about adjusting one’s spiritual understanding?

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Holy Spirit

It was Christmas day.

I do not recall my exact age but guesstimate I was in upper grade school.

The rest of the family had dispersed leaving me by myself.

I was sitting in the living room surrounded by the gifts I had received from my family.

Everything I had asked for had been received.

Yet, I was disillusioned.

My mother happened to come down the hallway that led to the living room and noticed me.

She quietly sat down beside me and asked why I seemed disappointed.

I do not recall my exact response to her at the time.

But I have never forgotten that feeling.

The feeling of getting everything I asked for yet sensing an emptiness.

Have you ever experienced a sense of emptiness after receiving something you wanted or even needed?

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