Gone Viral

Viral Attack

A Literal Viral Attack

Saying something has “gone viral” in our culture has meant that something on social media has garnered a huge number of views or shares across the internet.  Additional exposure would be further inflamed as mainstream media began reporting on the item.

Today, in spring 2020, we are faced with battling COVID-19, an aggressive respiratory virus rapidly spreading across the globe. This is a literal viral attack on humanity that we are battling. As our governmental and medical authorities issue comprehensive measures to slow the spread of this viral attack on our physical wellbeing our national and global economic wellbeing is struggling to adapt.

In the OT book of Joel successive locust hordes had completely devoured Judah’s plant life. Their physical and economic wellbeing was in even worse shape than we currently are.

What can we learn from Joel 1:6 that can help us deal with the literal viral attack of today?

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