Moving to Provide for Your Family


Have you moved away from where you grew up? If so, why did you move?

Sometimes we move because we simply want to experience something new.

At other times, we move because of a loss of a job.

My husband and I have experienced both.

Our first move away from Kansas, our home state, took us to Oklahoma. The reason for this move was two-pronged. Doug sensed the company he was working for at the time was preparing to close the branch he was in, and I was preparing to go back to school in pursuit of a doctoral degree in piano performance. Oklahoma was the location of the parent branch of Doug’s employer, so he inquired about transitioning there, sharing that I wanted to attend Oklahoma University. The parent company offered him a job and even checked with OU to confirm that I would qualify for in-state tuition since they had employed Doug even while in Kansas.

Two and a half years after moving to Oklahoma, while I was recovering from shoulder injuries, they let Doug go compliments of a “last hired, first fired” scenario. After two months of job searching, Doug received two job offers on the same day. One job was in Nebraska and the other was in South Carolina.

To the surprise of our family back in Kansas, we moved to South Carolina. 

What does this have to do with Genesis 26:1?

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Consider the following definitions of the noun provision:

1a: the act or process of providing

1b: the fact or state of being prepared beforehand

1c: a measure taken beforehand to deal with a need or contingency

2: a stock of needed materials or supplies especially: a stock of food – usually used in plural

  • What do you personally due to insure you have provision for today?
  • Do you also have a plan for insuring you have enough provision for the future?
  • How far in the future are you preparing?
  • What type of provision do you deem most important to secure for daily and future needs?
  • Have you benefitted from others provision on your behalf?
  • What does Joel 3:18 have to say about provision?
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