Decibel Meter
  • What does power look like?
  • What does power sound like?

Several years back, my husband and I attended an outdoor concert. My husband had brought a decibel meter to the concert because, well, he is into that sort of thing. The meter showed the concert was within legal levels, but it sounded louder than that.

When we crawled out of our car upon our arrival home our ears were smacked with a deafening cicada chorus even louder than the concert we had just attended. Yes, my husband took another decibel meter reading to confirm what our ears were telling us.

We could not see the cicadas as it was close to midnight but there was no doubt they were there.

Now that’s audible power!

What words would you use to describe power?

Does your description depend on who or what has the power you are describing?

How does Joel describe the Lord’s power?

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