Overcoming Deceit by Choosing God


Have you ever found yourself in a deceitful situation?

Sadly, most of us will probably say yes to that question.

Were you or someone else the one practicing the deceit?

Again, most of us, if we are truly honest, have experienced both being deceived and being the deceiver.

What motivated the deceit to occur?

Deceit occurs because we believe we have no other option to get or do something we want.

How can choosing God’s ways help us overcome deceitful situations?

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How do you spend your evenings?

evening meditation

Your answer to the question above may depend on your stage of life. 

Those with young children will certainly have a different “routine” to their evening than someone who is an empty nester, for example.

  • What words below best describe how you spend your evenings?








  • Do you have a consistent routine you try to follow in the evening, or do you prefer no routine?
  • What can we learn from a description of Isaac’s evening in Genesis 24:62-63 that will help us with our own evening routines?
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