What does it take for you to be convinced?

Are you someone who needs to do extensive research on your own before you will accept something as true?

Or are you convinced because of who you initially heard something from?

One time in a discussion group a fellow student of mine exclaimed in a frustrating tone that he was struggling with the varied readings we had been assigned. He felt both authors gave compelling arguments from the opposite point of view. He had felt convinced by each author until he read the next one.  

I noticed our professor, who was sitting in on the discussion, exhibited a quick little smirk with a twinkle in his eye before responding calmly, “Have you compared both author’s point of views with what scripture actually says on the topic?”

  • Have you ever been in that situation?
  • Uncertain of what you should be convinced about?
  • What is the most important thing to be convinced of according to scripture?
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