Family Conflict Truce at Funeral


At first glance, the picture above just looks like a beautiful garden.

On closer inspection, one realizes this is a graveyard that is well tended with plantings of perennial plants and decorated with things like a lantern.

The caretakers of this graveyard are showing care and love in memory of their ancestors.

  • What might the stories of these families be before their ancestors passed?
  • What if the remaining family members had years of conflict between them prior to the funeral?
  • How might these families have behaved at the funeral, given their history of conflict?
  • What can we learn from Genesis 25:9-10 about setting aside family conflict at these times?
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When have you struggled with letting go?

What triggered your struggle with letting go?

Was it a person, place, or thing that you were letting go?

Recently I assisted my parents in their second process of downsizing.

The first downsizing occurred only four years prior from a ranch house that had been my childhood home. They had lived there at least fifty years.

This time they were downsizing from a duplex to a handicapped apartment.

Letting go of space, paper, furniture, timing, control, and so on, were the operative words for everyone involved.

Stress and tension were present due to fond memories of things that were forced into the category of letting go.

How does this relate to Bible Study?

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