What is the definition of shine?

Consider the following possibilities found at

1 : to emit rays of light

2 : to be bright by reflection of light

3a : to be eminent, conspicuous, or distinguished  

b : to perform extremely well

4 : to have a bright glowing appearance

5 : to be conspicuously evident or clear

What is the opposite of shine?

Consider the following possibilities found at

1 : to make dark

2 : to make less clear : obscure the financial crisis darkened the future of the company

3 : taint, tarnish darkened his reputation

4 : to cast a gloom over

5 : to make of darker color

  • How often have you gotten up to see a sunrise begin to shine?
  • How did it make you feel?
  • How would you feel if you got up expecting to see the sunshine and it was dark instead?

Come explore what the Lord is communicating to us in Joel 3:15  about the sun, moon and stars ceasing to shine.

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  • What is your process when making a decision?
  • Are you one who spends hours researching various points of view before making a decision?
  • Or are you one who makes a quick decision based on your gut feeling?
  • Perhaps you rely on others to make a decision for you?
  • What other ways have you used to make a decision?

Most likely your process depends on what the issue is that a decision needs to be made about.

Thus, you may incorporate all the processes above and others for making a decision.

  • Regardless of the process you have used, have you ever made a bade decision?
  • When is a decision, good or bad, irreversible?
  • What is significant about the phrase ‘Valley of Decision’ found in Joel 3:14?
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grape press
  • What does it mean when we say something has an overflow?

Whether it be a cup of water or a grape press as pictured above if we describe something has an overflow it typically means filled past an item’s capacity.

Sometimes, this is seen as a positive situation but at other times it is decidedly negative.

  • What examples can you think of where an overflow is positive?
  • What examples can you think of where an overflow is negative?
  • Which meaning does Joel 3:13 use for the word overflow?
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  • Is there a speech you have heard that you still remember even though it was years ago?
  • Why did that speech impact you so significantly?
  • Do you remember who delivered the speech or do you just remember the impact of their words?
  • Or maybe the words that impacted you were not part of a formal speech but  written in a book or letter?
  • Whose speech, whether spoken or written, do you place high value on today?
  • Why?
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When have you felt overwhelmed?

What triggered the feeling of being overwhelmed?

  • An overpacked work schedule?
  • Too many social engagements?
  • Grieving the loss of a loved one?
  • Losing a job?
  • A personal health crisis?
  • Global challenges such as Covid-19, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.?
  • A combination of any of the above?

Any of the above and more can trigger feelings of being overwhelmed even in the most steadfast personalities.

Now have you ever considered how you might react if you saw a mighty heavenly army coming towards you?

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Dark Lightning

How do you respond to thunderstorms?

When my husband and I first moved to South Carolina we had to transition our dog, Dutch, to apartment living. Dutch was used to having over ½ an acre to roam prior to this adjustment. He appreciated affection but mostly liked some space between himself and others.

Then one night after we had gone to bed, a thunderstorm occurred. At the first crack of thunder Dutch jumped onto our bed to get in between us. He stayed there until the storm had passed, trembling the entire time.

Until that moment, we had no idea how deeply scared of thunderstorms Dutch had been.

As we continue our study in the book of Joel  today, we come to a verse that describes something more frightening than a common thunderstorm.

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Dressing for Spiritual Leadership

dressing for spiritual leadership

Dressing  for  Spiritual Leadership in a Time of Crisis

Have you ever thought about the importance of dressing for spiritual leadership?

  • What do your spiritual leader’s wear during a worship service?
  • Do they wear robes or power suits?
  • Maybe they wear jeans and a casual shirt?
  • What is the reason behind what they wear?
  • Do they change what they typically wear in a time of crisis?
  • Should they?

Today’s verse, Joel 1:13, gives instructions on dressing for spiritual leadership in a time of crisis.

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