He Stops All People | Job 37:5-8


Discussing the weather is generally considered a safe subject.

But severe weather is another matter entirely.

Severe weather requires both humans and wildlife to seek protective shelter.

Sometimes severe weather takes us by surprise, giving us little time to find protection.

At other times, we can prepare a refuge ahead of the severe weather.

What is the purpose of severe weather, according to Job 37:5-8?

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Job 1:1-5 |Thus Job Did Continually


Recently my daily Bible reading practice brought me to the book of Job.

This Old Testament book deals with suffering.

We all experience suffering. Some more than others.

What is striking in this book is the steadfastness of Job’s faith in God throughout his immense suffering.

How could Job refrain from turning away from God in the face of significant loss? Even as friends and family, encouraged him to curse God or confess a sin he had not committed?

The opening verses are key in answering this question.

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Psalm 139 | How Well Do You Know God?


David, a lowly shepherd boy anointed King of Israel, experienced great highs and terrible lows in his lifetime.

He is the accredited author of Psalm 139, typically titled, Search Me, O God, and Know My Heart.

This title literally comes from the next-to-last verse of the Psalm where David is asking the Lord to monitor his motives.

Yet the verses prior to this request reveal the magnitude of who God is and how well He already knows David, and thus, us today.

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Psalm 23:1-6 | You Are With Me


I recently spent a month away from my home. Then, two weeks after being back, I traveled to a conference related to my day job for a week.

The first trip involved traveling solo, but upon arrival, I was constantly with family except for the occasional errand or taking a stroll in the evening.

I traveled with two coworkers to the conference that had over 600 attendees but had a room to myself at the end of each day.

Although both travel experiences varied, I had the same sense of longing during both.

I wished my husband and my pets were with me.

What does this have to do with Psalm 23:1-6?

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Where Do You Seek Refuge? (Part Three Psalm 2)


It’s hard to believe it has been a full month since I last posted.

Thank you, readers, for your patience as I took this past month to care for both my parents. One parent, who had fallen the month prior, came home from rehab a day after the other one came home from knee replacement surgery. Thus, having someone in their apartment around the clock was wise. 

It was an honor to serve my parents in their time of need.

Now, as I settle back into my home and personal routines, it is time to finish our study of Psalm 2 with a focus on verses 1-6 and some final thoughts.

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Where Do You Seek Refuge? – Part Two Psalm 2

Where Do You Seek Refuge Psalm 2

Some motion caught my attention as I was watering my balcony plants a couple of weeks ago.

As I looked more intently toward the motion, I discovered four black kittens and their mama had taken up residence in our neighbor’s backyard.

I had wondered what place of refuge the pregnant stray mama cat would ultimately choose to have her litter.

Our neighbor’s backyard, although fenced, also has some gaps that will allow for ease of departure when desired by both the momma cat and her offspring. The yard also has some items covered with tarps and other gear the kittens can explore or hide in to get away from either predators or the elements. Plus, they have an excellent water source.

What does a family of stray kittens have to do with our study of Psalm 2?

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Where Do You Seek Refuge? (Part One – Psalm 2)

seeking refuge in the Lord

There was a season in my life when I agreed to work a part-time contract job that was unexpectedly stressful.

When I was physically present at the job, my direct report praised and encouraged me.

But when I was not in the building, I learned this same person was doing everything they could to undermine me.

As I began studying Psalm 2 for today’s post, the Lord reminded me of this experience.

During that period of working that stressful job, I was wandering through a garden store one weekend when my eyes landed on a cement turtle figure.

The expression on the turtle figure looked like it was retreating into its protective shell. I, too, wanted to duck into a shell to escape the stress I was experiencing at my job.

I purchased this turtle figure to place on my desk at my stressful job. It was a reminder that the Lord would be my protective shell as I completed my contract with integrity.

And yes, I still have the turtle figure today as a memento of that period of my life.

What does this have to do with Psalm 2?

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Do You Enjoy God? (Part Three)

The Lord directs our steps

When were you last asked, “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

The last time someone asked me that question, I responded, “I have absolutely no idea.”

My response startled this person.

Prior to that moment, I had planned to get a doctorate in piano performance, become a professor, and form a chamber music trio with other faculty. I had literally mapped out my life plan in five-year increments all the way to age ninety!

I applied for this part-time administrative support position primarily to generate more income. But deeper reasons existed too. My patience in teaching music had worn thin. Plus, I was dealing with intense physical pain in my upper body when performing. I recognized I needed to transition away from that field, at least temporarily.

What does this have to do with enjoying God and the study of Psalm 1:5-6?

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Do You Enjoy God? (Part Two)

river and tree of life

Growing up, I recall the backyard of my parent’s home had several large oak trees and a maple tree. Also lining the edge of their property line and the start of the neighbor’s yard behind was a row of cottonwood trees.

I remember climbing both the maple tree and one of the cottonwood trees frequently.

Sometimes I climbed the trees to see how high I could get or as a hiding spot when playing hide and seek with neighboring kids.

I also recall times when I would go to the trees when I was hurting emotionally. Being hidden amongst the leaves and supported by the sturdy tree branches helped me feel safe in those moments.

Why all this talk about trees?

Today, we will study Psalm 1:3-4, which uses fruit tree imagery when describing a blessed or happy follower of God.

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Do You Enjoy God? (Part One)

study of psalms

We define the word enjoy as:

  1. To have a good time
  2. To have for one’s use or benefit
  3. To take pleasure or satisfaction in

Based on the above definitions, I enjoy many things in daily life.

  • A tasty meal or snack.
  • A walk in nature.
  • The afterglow of a beautiful sunset.
  • Reading a good book.
  • Time with friends around a firepit.
  • Completing an important project.
  • And so on.

But how do these definitions apply to God?

  • What does it look like to have a good time with God?
  • How is God useful and beneficial to us?
  • Is there a uniqueness to the pleasure or satisfaction found with God?

We will answer these questions by studying Psalm 1.

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