Are You Struggling Today?

look to the hills

I live near the blue ridge mountains.

Frequently, I enjoy a glimpse of the mountain range as I commute to work.

This glimpse always brings a smile to my face.

Yet there are days when rain, fog, or darkness hide their presence from view.

Our emotional states mirror this experience with highs and lows. 

Everyone has good and tough days.

Some days are harder than others.

  • Where do you turn for help when you are struggling?

Join me in looking at Psalm 121 for some encouragement.

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change of plan

I was going to share part 2 of the previous post today.

But I have a change of plan.

This change of plan is inspired from last Thursday evening.

A group of my fellow staff, church members, and myself were returning from attending the Exponential Conference in Orlando.

Our flight had been late to leave the gate so we already knew we would probably miss our connecting flight in Atlanta. We were also spread out throughout the plane so the person who was closest to the front planned to ask the flight crew or first flight attendant after deplaning to call the other gate to request if they could hold the flight for our group of 15 people. Our thinking was that they might not hold the plane for one person but hopefully would for a group of our size.

We began to taxi away from the gate to get in line for flight.

The picture above is what forced another change of plan.

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I enjoyed a snow day on Sunday, January 16th.

Living in South Carolina snow is a rare treat for this Midwesterner.

Because snow days are so rare in this area our city shuts down except for emergency workers and those dealing with any power outages that occur.

Thankfully, my household never lost power. We were able to enjoy watching the snow fall from the safety of our warm home.

I chose to not work on a post yesterday because I wanted to cherish the snow day.

Today, as the winter storm has finished dusting the earth with this fascinating white frozen water and the sun is starting to melt it away, I decided to share with you some favorite references to snow from scripture.

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flash flooding

This past week has had five straight days of rain in my area.

Flash flooding alerts were prevalent.

Power outages occurred from the flash flooding in some cases.

In addition to the literal flash flooding of the past week there has been emotional flash flooding in my extended family.

  • What flash flooding have you been dealing with recently?
  • Emotional, spiritual, physical, or mental flash flooding?
  • Maybe several flash floods are occurring in your life or someone you know simultaneously?
  • How can Psalm 69 help us with the flash flooding that occurs in our lives?
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Balcony Time

 This morning included some balcony time.

The weather was just cool enough with an occasional breeze to be able to enjoy while simply being.

Balcony time is precious to me.

Whether shared with my husband, canine(s), others, or just the Lord it is a therapeutic place for me.

At times the just me and the Lord time on the balcony is critically needed.

It is a time of solitude and isolation from all the pressures I face throughout a day, week, month, year and so on.

In other words, a place to hideout and be refreshed by the Lord.

Kind David in the Old Testament expresses in his many psalms a need to have an audience with the Lord.

Today we will look specifically at Psalm 54.

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