Remembering to Give Thanks | Exodus 32:1-8


Why is it important to remember to give thanks?

Looking up the word thanks led me to the word gratitude.

In turn, looking up the word gratitude led me to the word grateful.

The definition of grateful then led me back to the words gratitude and thanks.

Oh, the fun of the English language.

Seriously, why is it important to remember to give thanks, express gratitude, and be grateful?

And what does this have to do with Exodus 32:1-8?

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What Are you Joyfully Celebrating? Part Three

driveway fellowship

Recently my husband and I have hosted some driveway firepit nights. 

The most recent time was on Thanksgiving evening. We prepared a traditional thanksgiving meal but shared it around a driveway firepit instead of a formal table setting. It was a relaxing and simple time of joyful celebration with our friends who joined us.

One of our neighbors even came over to join in the fun for a bit.

Our conversations flowed easily as we enjoyed the warmth of the flames, the succor of the savory foods, and the fellowship in a laid-back setting.

How does this relate to this series of considering what we are joyfully celebrating this holiday season?

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Labor Shortages


Are you reading about labor shortages in the news feeds you follow?

Where in your neighborhood are you seeing examples of labor shortages?

Restaurants come to my mind…

Where has your experience been the opposite of the reported labor shortages?

Grocery stores and food delivery services come to my mind…

What causes labor shortages?

War? Aging out? Unwillingness? Poor work conditions? Fear?

What does a sunflower bloom with a single bee on it have to do with this line of questions about labor shortages?

What does any of this have to do with Bible study?

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