Even the Sheep Suffer


Do you ever consider that animals, even sheep, can suffer?

What things immediately come to mind that could cause animals, even sheep, to suffer?

Over the years I have enjoyed having dogs and cats as a part of my own household.

Currently I have a fifteen-year-old dog who is mostly blind, seriously arthritic and dealing with some dementia. Occasionally there will be a yelp of pain but mostly she is still a very content and happy dog. Time is precious though.

I also have a ten-year-old dog that requires special supplements to keep her intestinal tract healthy and now is sprouting growths we need to monitor. The most recent one appears to have been cancerous but is healing thanks to an herbal injection that sloughed out the yuck. Other than the frustration of being in a “cone of shame” and having to be wrapped with gauze pads she is not expressing that she is in pain. Time is also precious here.

One of the cats is fifteen while the other is seven. The eldest is showing signs of arthritis but otherwise does not seem to have much pain. Just a bit of grumpiness, mostly toward the younger cat.

The youngest cat? Although she is in excellent health and quite limber you would think the world had come to an end when it is feeding time! Oh, the meows and the running about she does then!

In contrast to my fur children’s medical issues and antics,  Joel 1:18 paints a dire picture of animal suffering.

What can we learn from Joel today?

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