Why Did They Turn to Idolatry? | Part Two


Yes, we are getting to part two this week.

Before we do, thank you for your prayers over the last week.

Last Tuesday, a coworker asked about my stress level regarding the upcoming conference we are hosting at my work.

I responded, “Frankly, I couldn’t care less right now.”

Granted, that response stemmed from what I shared with you last Sunday.

But by Wednesday, I realized my attitude had shifted in a positive direction. The new attitude is that this conference is just another work week.

  • Yes, there will be 1500 people on our campus over the next week that typically aren’t there.
  • Yes, I am tasked with things to do that are not a part of my normal work responsibilities that will involve extremely long hours each day.
  • And yes, I still have moments of sadness over the pet losses and some other expected losses that are looming on the horizon.

But, in the end, my purpose for next week does not differ from any other day.

What is that purpose and is it possible to relate it to today’s study?

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Do you operate with a sense of purpose?

Did you know that box turtles operate with a sense of purpose?

Several years ago, during my commute to work when I lived in Oklahoma, I heard a report that made it clear that turtles operate with a sense of purpose.

At the time there were many people who had started to assist box turtles when discovering them crossing a busy street or highway.

The reporter remarked that if you decide to stop and assist a box turtle cross the road you must make sure you move that turtle to the side of the road the turtle was facing when you found it.


Because if you place them opposite of where they were heading, they will turn around and resume traveling in the direction they had intended to go before you moved them.

Do you see what I mean?

Turtles live with purpose.

We may not understand how or why a turtle is living with such a strong purpose drive.

How does living with a sense of purpose connect with a call to gather the people in Joel 2:16?

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