Where Do You Seek Refuge? (Part Three Psalm 2)


It’s hard to believe it has been a full month since I last posted.

Thank you, readers, for your patience as I took this past month to care for both my parents. One parent, who had fallen the month prior, came home from rehab a day after the other one came home from knee replacement surgery. Thus, having someone in their apartment around the clock was wise. 

It was an honor to serve my parents in their time of need.

Now, as I settle back into my home and personal routines, it is time to finish our study of Psalm 2 with a focus on verses 1-6 and some final thoughts.

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Where Do You Seek Refuge? – Part Two Psalm 2

Where Do You Seek Refuge Psalm 2

Some motion caught my attention as I was watering my balcony plants a couple of weeks ago.

As I looked more intently toward the motion, I discovered four black kittens and their mama had taken up residence in our neighbor’s backyard.

I had wondered what place of refuge the pregnant stray mama cat would ultimately choose to have her litter.

Our neighbor’s backyard, although fenced, also has some gaps that will allow for ease of departure when desired by both the momma cat and her offspring. The yard also has some items covered with tarps and other gear the kittens can explore or hide in to get away from either predators or the elements. Plus, they have an excellent water source.

What does a family of stray kittens have to do with our study of Psalm 2?

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Where Do You Seek Refuge? (Part One – Psalm 2)

seeking refuge in the Lord

There was a season in my life when I agreed to work a part-time contract job that was unexpectedly stressful.

When I was physically present at the job, my direct report praised and encouraged me.

But when I was not in the building, I learned this same person was doing everything they could to undermine me.

As I began studying Psalm 2 for today’s post, the Lord reminded me of this experience.

During that period of working that stressful job, I was wandering through a garden store one weekend when my eyes landed on a cement turtle figure.

The expression on the turtle figure looked like it was retreating into its protective shell. I, too, wanted to duck into a shell to escape the stress I was experiencing at my job.

I purchased this turtle figure to place on my desk at my stressful job. It was a reminder that the Lord would be my protective shell as I completed my contract with integrity.

And yes, I still have the turtle figure today as a memento of that period of my life.

What does this have to do with Psalm 2?

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