Do You Enjoy God? (Part Three)

The Lord directs our steps

When were you last asked, “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

The last time someone asked me that question, I responded, “I have absolutely no idea.”

My response startled this person.

Prior to that moment, I had planned to get a doctorate in piano performance, become a professor, and form a chamber music trio with other faculty. I had literally mapped out my life plan in five-year increments all the way to age ninety!

I applied for this part-time administrative support position primarily to generate more income. But deeper reasons existed too. My patience in teaching music had worn thin. Plus, I was dealing with intense physical pain in my upper body when performing. I recognized I needed to transition away from that field, at least temporarily.

What does this have to do with enjoying God and the study of Psalm 1:5-6?

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Do You Enjoy God? (Part Two)

river and tree of life

Growing up, I recall the backyard of my parent’s home had several large oak trees and a maple tree. Also lining the edge of their property line and the start of the neighbor’s yard behind was a row of cottonwood trees.

I remember climbing both the maple tree and one of the cottonwood trees frequently.

Sometimes I climbed the trees to see how high I could get or as a hiding spot when playing hide and seek with neighboring kids.

I also recall times when I would go to the trees when I was hurting emotionally. Being hidden amongst the leaves and supported by the sturdy tree branches helped me feel safe in those moments.

Why all this talk about trees?

Today, we will study Psalm 1:3-4, which uses fruit tree imagery when describing a blessed or happy follower of God.

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Do You Enjoy God? (Part One)

study of psalms

We define the word enjoy as:

  1. To have a good time
  2. To have for one’s use or benefit
  3. To take pleasure or satisfaction in

Based on the above definitions, I enjoy many things in daily life.

  • A tasty meal or snack.
  • A walk in nature.
  • The afterglow of a beautiful sunset.
  • Reading a good book.
  • Time with friends around a firepit.
  • Completing an important project.
  • And so on.

But how do these definitions apply to God?

  • What does it look like to have a good time with God?
  • How is God useful and beneficial to us?
  • Is there a uniqueness to the pleasure or satisfaction found with God?

We will answer these questions by studying Psalm 1.

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