Parental Impact On Our Character

fudge pops

Do your parents or caretakers share stories about you as a child that you do not personally remember?

My grandmother did this exact thing with me.

Every year she would sign my birthday card with, “May today not be a ‘plain ole day’ for you!”

At family gatherings, the story behind the “plain ole day” reference was often laughed over.

Grandma was caring for me and my siblings while our parents were traveling.

I was supposed to eat a Twinkie early in the day.

But Grandma couldn’t find where mom had stored the Twinkie.

No Twinkie for Barbara Lynn.

Later in the afternoon, the milk delivery truck arrived.

I asked Grandma if we could get some frozen fudge pops.

Grandma said no.

No frozen fudge pops for Barbara Lynn.

I stomped away from her muttering, “well this sure is a plain ole day.”

How does this relate to Bible Study?

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