Perspectives and Opinions


What is the difference between perspectives and opinions?

  • Perspective can be defined as a way of looking at or thinking about something.
  • Opinion can be defined as an idea that is believed to be true or valid without positive knowledge.

Although the two words are certainly related, what is the difference that you see from the definitions above?

Perspective is the way you look at or think about something. Opinion is an idea you believe to be true even if you have no positive knowledge to support the idea or belief.

For example , what is your immediate reaction to the picture used for this post?

  • Did you first think, “Oh that looks pretty” or “Ooh, yuck, dandelions”?
  • What is the perspective of the first opinion? The second?
  • Is your opinion of dandelions that they are beautiful flowers or pesky weeds?
  • What did you use to establish those opinions?
  • How does the different perspectives inform the expressed belief of the two opinions?
  • Can both expressions be valid? How?
  • Are either expressions taking into consideration that the entire dandelion plant is actually edible?
  • Can you see how interrelated perspective and opinion are?
  • Can you also see that opinions may not always be based on all the facts?

What current event do you need to step back and analyze your perspective to be able to express an informed opinion?

Joel 1:15 provides a great example of the importance of perspective informing one’s opinion.

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