Dressing for Spiritual Leadership

dressing for spiritual leadership

Dressing  for  Spiritual Leadership in a Time of Crisis

Have you ever thought about the importance of dressing for spiritual leadership?

  • What do your spiritual leader’s wear during a worship service?
  • Do they wear robes or power suits?
  • Maybe they wear jeans and a casual shirt?
  • What is the reason behind what they wear?
  • Do they change what they typically wear in a time of crisis?
  • Should they?

Today’s verse, Joel 1:13, gives instructions on dressing for spiritual leadership in a time of crisis.

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What is Joy?


Losing Joy During Difficult Times

Given current events in May 2020 many have expressed losing joy during these difficult times. Instead they are experiencing fear as their primary emotion.

Joel 1:12 also speaks about losing joy during difficult times. It describes a time when the entire nation of Judah’s joy dried up.

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Shame, Distress, or Despair


What causes shame, distress, or despair to surface in you?

Given the current events of early May 2020 many are struggling with these very emotions. Some are feeling shame, distress, or despair because their personal skillsets were not deemed “essential” which resulted in loss of a livelihood for themselves and their family.  Hair salons and barbershops are certainly in this challenging place.

Joel 1:11 describes a similar precarious situation where shame, distress, or despair are not just unpleasant emotions but a call to action.

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What is Essential?


How Do You Define What is Essential?

This past week a homeless gentleman came into my workplace and shared a bit of his story with me. This gentleman had spent the previous day sleeping in the rain and had no food or money. Have you considered how all the restrictions for COVID-19 have impacted those who may be homeless in your area? What about the non-profits in your area that help to meet the needs of the homeless such as soup kitchens and shelters?

A friend and coworker of mine is no longer at work due to battling a recent diagnosis of cancer. Have you considered what medical treatments one might normally receive are no longer deemed essential? Have you considered that people who are permitted to have a medical treatment may not be allowed to have a family member in the waiting room with them?

Have you struggled during the last few months to get what you deem essential for your daily life?

What is essential?

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How Have You Been Cut Off?

The rhythms of work, school, and social time have been cut off or significantly altered due to social distancing mandates across the globe in the spring of 2020.

Some like me, have lost loved ones during this time . Sadly, due to travel restrictions we have been cut off from gathering with family and friends to celebrate and honor them in our usual way.

Facing an invisible enemy like Covid-19 that has the power to cut off our sense of normalcy is stirring myriads of feelings and reactions across the globe. Some are struggling with paranoia while others are expressing anger and rebellion.

How should we respond to feeling cut off from our sense of normalcy?

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Processing Heartbreak

What in your life has caused you to experience heartbreak?

As I write this blog post I am waiting for an update on the status of my 99-year-old grandmother who is in her final hours of life on this earth. If things were “normal” across the globe I would have already boarded a plane to travel 1200 some miles to be with her and other family members. But with COVID-19 restrictions in place my family is having to process heartbreak isolated from each other.

Interestingly, this week’s study  involves a call to process heartbreak.

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We Believe

Are you  feeling Vulnerable?

What situations or circumstances stirred a sense of vulnerability in you prior to spring 2020?

This past week of 2020 has been one that Christians across the globe have celebrated Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter in a vastly different manner than in recent years. We’ve watched services from our own homes rather than attending public celebrations and memorials.

Some had hoped in North America that we’d be able to gather in person on Easter Sunday but sadly that has not proved feasible. The COVID-19 virus response has truly disrupted our sense of normal. Our businesses, personal health, loved one’s health, sense of control or freedom have many wavering with feeling vulnerable.

What words would you use to describe feeling vulnerable?

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Gone Viral

Viral Attack

A Literal Viral Attack

Saying something has “gone viral” in our culture has meant that something on social media has garnered a huge number of views or shares across the internet.  Additional exposure would be further inflamed as mainstream media began reporting on the item.

Today, in spring 2020, we are faced with battling COVID-19, an aggressive respiratory virus rapidly spreading across the globe. This is a literal viral attack on humanity that we are battling. As our governmental and medical authorities issue comprehensive measures to slow the spread of this viral attack on our physical wellbeing our national and global economic wellbeing is struggling to adapt.

In the OT book of Joel successive locust hordes had completely devoured Judah’s plant life. Their physical and economic wellbeing was in even worse shape than we currently are.

What can we learn from Joel 1:6 that can help us deal with the literal viral attack of today?

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Shortages Today

Medical gear, toilet paper, and other shortages

In early spring 2020 much of the global economy is facing shortages of medical gear, food, and other items due to concerns over a new virus pandemic sweeping through humanity. Some countries are in serious trouble due to this pandemic while others are issuing a variety of mandates to limit physical interaction with fellow humans hoping  to  stop or limit the spread of this virus. Unfortunately, hoarding behavior is occurring even though authorities are saying it isn’t necessary.

This week my husband attempted to acquire a new basic thermometer since the one we have is showing signs of not working well. Eight stores later he still couldn’t acquire one. Several days later, same story. Online shopping reveals shortages of basic thermometers as well.

How should we respond to these shortages?

Does the Bible give us any guidance in situations like these?

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Current Crisis

Current Crisis

What is Crisis?

How are you handling the challenges encompassing the global crisis of the corona virus in 2020? Are you heeding the advice of authorities? Or are you ignoring them?

Shopping for household goods has become a bigger challenge because of this 2020 virus crisis. People whose panic button is easily triggered started buying out shelves of all kinds of items.

We’re being told by authorities that there’s no need to hoard items. Yet stores are having to literally stand watch in certain aisles to insure you obey the new limits of only 1 paper goods item or 2 sweet potatoes allowed per customer.

How do you respond to this? Are you getting upset and angry at the clerks running the store? Or are you taking it in stride and adapting to the current perceived crisis? Do you smile and thank the clerks for their efforts to limit hoarding behavior?

Are we truly in crisis at this point?

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